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Streamlined Process for Property Purchase

Step 1: Before Signing the Contract

Your Actions

Reach out to your real estate agent for the contract of sale and share it with us promptly
Consider the insights from our contract review thoroughly. Communicate any queries or adjustments you envisage for the contract.
Engage with your financial advisor to discuss your purchasing plans. We’re here to recommend trusted mortgage brokers to assist you.
Ensure the property is inspected before any cooling-off period concludes, especially vital if you’re bidding at auction. Our team can facilitate these inspections on your behalf

Our Role

A detailed review of your contract is conducted, followed by providing you with constructive feedback and addressing any questions.
We propose modifications to the contract as identified during our review and communicate these suggestions through the seller’s conveyancer.
Assistance in preparing you for the contract signing and deposit payment, tailored to your specific purchasing scenario.

Step 2: Signing the Contract & Paying Deposit

Your Actions

Typically, a deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price, is required. We can discuss alternate arrangements if necessary.
We provide support regardless of where you sign the contract – be it at our office, the agent’s, or at an auction.

Our Role

We ensure any negotiations are concluded, making the contract ready for your signature.
We facilitate the exchange of contracts, officially documenting your commitment to the purchase.

Step 3: Post-Cooling-Off Period

Your Actions

Complete all necessary banking documentation to secure your loan in time for settlement.
We can discuss potential eligibility for the First Home Owners Grant and stamp duty exemptions.
Arrange a last inspection with the agent to ensure the property’s condition meets your expectations.
Coordinate the transfer or initiation of utility services as needed.

Our Role

Necessary searches are undertaken to inform you and your lender of any pertinent property details.
We ensure smooth communication with your lender in preparation for settlement.
Where eligible, we facilitate applications for stamp duty exemptions.
All conveyancing tasks are meticulously completed, readying for the final settlement.

Step 4: Settlement

Your Actions

If investing, provide banking details for rent collection. If moving in, arrange key collection with the agent.
With our expert team managing the process, you can look forward to a stress-free settlement.

Our Role

We oversee the settlement process, coordinating with your lender and the seller’s conveyancer.
The real estate agent is informed once settlement is complete, alongside necessary notifications to local authorities.
Your matter is securely held for at least 7 years, simplifying any future transactions.

Why Wisdom Conveyancing?


Property Buy Services

Transparent Pricing

Experience no surprises with our guaranteed fixed professional fees. Every cost is disclosed upfront, ensuring a clear, straightforward financial understanding from the outset.

Unmatched Expertise

Your property matters are in capable hands. Our licensed conveyancers, supported by seasoned professionals, ensure every transaction is managed with the precision and care you deserve.

Convenience Without Compromise

Visiting our office is rarely necessary. Our digital-first approach allows us to serve clients across Sydney and NSW effectively, bringing our services directly to you, wherever you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our guaranteed fixed fee is comprehensive, covering all aspects of the conveyancing process including disbursements and GST. There are no hidden costs, ensuring transparency and predictability in your financial planning.
Our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced licensed conveyancers, each with a robust background in handling a wide range of property transactions. Supported by seasoned professionals, they ensure your conveyancing is completed efficiently and safely.
Typically, visiting our office isn’t required. We leverage digital tools and communication methods to complete most, if not all, aspects of the conveyancing process remotely, offering convenience without compromising on service quality.
We adopt a proactive and client-focused approach to contract negotiations. After a thorough review, we discuss potential issues and desired changes with you before negotiating directly with the seller’s conveyancer to secure terms that protect and benefit you.
Should property inspections reveal any issues, we will guide you through your options. This might include negotiating repairs, adjusting the purchase price, or reevaluating the terms of the contract to address these findings.
Yes, we can accommodate urgent transactions. Our team is equipped to expedite the conveyancing process, ensuring all necessary steps are completed swiftly and accurately. We advise clients to communicate their time-sensitive needs early in the process to facilitate smooth and rapid completion.

About Wisdom Conveyancing

Wisdom Conveyancing stands as a beacon of excellence and reliability in the property conveyancing landscape of Sydney NSW, offering an unparalleled Property Buying Conveyancing Service that caters to the diverse needs of property buyers across New South Wales.

With a deep-rooted commitment to simplifying the conveyancing process, Wisdom Conveyancing ensures that every client embarks on their property buying journey with confidence and clarity.

Our service is meticulously designed to navigate the complexities of property transactions From conducting comprehensive contract reviews to negotiating  favourable terms and managing the entire settlement process, Wisdom Conveyancing stands by its clients every step of the way. What sets Wisdom Conveyancing apart is our commitment to transparency and communication.

With guaranteed fixed professional fees and a clear outline of all costs upfront, clients can trust in a service free from hidden surprises. Our digital-first approach further enhances our service, offering clients the convenience of managing their property transactions without the need for in-person office visits.

This modern approach, combined with our traditional values of trust and personal attention, ensures that clients across  Sydney and NSW enjoy a seamless and stress-free conveyancing experience. Wisdom Conveyancing’s Property Buying Conveyancing Service is more than just a transactional necessity; it’s a strategic advantage for buyers navigating the competitive  Sydney property market.

Whether you’re buying your first home, investing in property, or expanding your portfolio, Wisdom Conveyancing is here to ensure that your property dreams are realized with the utmost care and professionalism.

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