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Simplified Property Sale Conveyancing Process

Step 1: Getting Started

Your Responsibilities

Reach out by calling us or accepting a Property Sale Conveyancing Quote online to kickstart the contract preparation process.
Supply us with essential details about the property and yourself, crucial for drafting the contract.
Inform us whether you’ll be using a real estate agent or selling independently. We’re here to support both approaches.

Ensure the property is inspected before any cooling-off period concludes, especially vital if you’re bidding at auction. Our team can facilitate these inspections on your behalf.

Our Role

Upon receiving your go-ahead and necessary details, we immediately begin drafting your sale contract, ensuring all legal requirements are met.
We’ll consult with you to incorporate any specific conditions or requirements you have into the contract.
After compiling all required documents and approvals, we present you with the contract for final approval before forwarding it to your chosen sales method.

Step 2: Contract Signing & Exchange

Your Responsibilities

Sign the contract through your agent or directly on the final copy we provide, based on the agreed sale terms.

Our Role

We prepare the final contract for your signature once the sale price and terms are agreed upon.
The exchange of contracts, signifying mutual agreement, is usually handled by the agent or our team.

Step 3: Pre-Settlement Preparations

Your Responsibilities

Act on reminders to complete formalities related to discharging any mortgage on the property.
Prepare to vacate the property if it’s your residence.

Our Role

We liaise with your bank to arrange the discharge of the mortgage, ensuring all financial obligations are settled.
We organize for you to sign any necessary documents, like the Transfer of Land.

Step 4: Settlement

This streamlined approach ensures clarity and efficiency in your property sale process, with Wisdom Conveyancing by your side at every step.

Your Responsibilities

Take care of disconnecting utilities ahead of the settlement.
Post-settlement, anticipate the receipt of sale proceeds, typically the following day.

Our Role

We inform relevant authorities (local council, water, strata) about the ownership transition.
We oversee the settlement process, exchanging the necessary documentation and payment to finalize the sale.
Formal notification to the real estate agent enables the release of any held deposit post their fee deduction.

Why Partner with Wisdom Conveyancing for Your Property Sale


Property Sell Services

No Hidden Fees

Experience straightforward pricing with our fixed fee structure, eliminating any guesswork involved in your property sale. What we quote is what you pay, ensuring a clear financial path forward.

Experienced Conveyancers

At the heart of Wisdom Conveyancing are our seasoned professionals, guiding your sale to completion with expertise and diligence. Trust in our team to navigate the intricacies of your transaction seamlessly.

Digital Convenience

Embrace the ease of handling your property sale remotely. Our processes are designed for your utmost convenience, allowing for an efficient, hassle-free conveyancing experience without the need to step into an office.

FAQs for Property Sale Conveyancing

Our fixed fee covers the entire conveyancing process, including all necessary searches, document preparation, and legal fees. There are no hidden charges, ensuring transparency from the outset.
We provide comprehensive support for private sales, including contract preparation, negotiation assistance, and legal advice, ensuring a smooth and successful sale process.
We’ll need detailed information about your property and your personal details to accurately prepare your sale contract and tailor it to your specific needs.
We facilitate the contract exchange by ensuring all parties agree to the terms and then securely exchanging signed contracts between the buyer and seller, either directly or through agents.
We liaise with your lender to initiate the discharge process, handle all necessary paperwork, and ensure any mortgage on the property is cleared before settlement.
Typically, you can expect to receive the sale proceeds the day after settlement, although some transactions may require additional processing time.

About Wisdom Conveyancing

Wisdom Conveyancing embodies a commitment to excellence and integrity in providing top-tier property sale conveyancing services across Sydney and New South Wales. we stand as a beacon of reliability and professionalism in the conveyancing sector. Our licensed Conveyancer leverages deep industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient, personalized solutions that address the unique needs of each client.

At Wisdom Conveyancing, we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model, which guarantees no hidden costs and ensures our clients are fully informed and confident throughout their property sale journey. Our streamlined processes and digital-first approach mean that clients can enjoy the convenience of managing their property transactions without the need for in-person office visits, making property conveyancing accessible to sellers across NSW.

Whether you’re selling a family home, an investment property, or managing a complex property portfolio, Wisdom Conveyancing provides the expertise, support, and peace of mind you need to achieve your property goals.

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